Sometimes construction projects end up looking somewhat different from what the initial architectural renderings suggest.  A residential development in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has several unusual facades which vary somewhat from the early renderings.  The development generated some online discussion from 2009 to 2013 on and received some more attention on in 2013 when the development was in mid-construction.   Originally conceived as owner-occupied townhouses, the project at some point ended up as an apartment complex.  I’d love to know your opinion as to the final look (as always, please be civil)!

Thanks to Chad for sharing this!



The completed appearance as seen in 2017 – somewhat different from the concept image seen here. Photo courtesy Google Street View.


Many units face a central courtyard.   The building at right awaits more colorful panels.  Photo courtesy Google Street View.


Does anyone know what these panels are made of?  Photo courtesy Google Street View.


The most visible facade as it appeared while under construction in 2016.  Photo courtesy Google Street View.


Things are wrapping up about a year later.  Personally, I think the look of the underlayment (whatever it is) is visually less abrasive.  Photo courtesy Google Street View.


That’s all, folks!  Photo courtesy Google Street View.


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