The recent cold weather has made it more appealing to stay home and look through old photos than to go out and take new ones!  Here are three old houses which have survived to the present day.   The historic photos were found at estate sales or flea markets; I decided to track the houses down on Google Streetview and see what they looked like now:


Brookfield, Missouri, c. 1870.  The porch, with its chamfered square posts, was likely built without the turned spindles and balustrade – these appear to be a later addition in the 1880’s or 90’s.   The square posts lent an Italianate feel to the house while the turned spindles evoked the later Queen Anne style.


The house still stands, but without its original shutters and wrap-around porch.  Replacement siding covers the clapboards.  The loss of the corner entry on the porch substantially changes the way this house is perceived.  Image courtesy Google Street View.


Likely dating to the 1890’s, this house in Iowa City, Iowa, shows both Queen Anne and Colonial Revival influences.


Now wrapped in replacement siding, the house has acquired a larger porch with an enclosed sunroom or sleeping porch above.  Image courtesy Google Street View.


This Colonial Revival house in Omaha, Nebraska, appears to date to around 1910 and utilized three distinct colors on its exterior when photographed in the first half of the 20th century.  Probably not the same colors seen below:


The house appears to be amazingly intact with few alterations!  The most obvious change is on the porch; the original low wall has been replaced with a contemporary open balustrade.  Image courtesy Google Street View.


Another old view of the same house…


…and as seen today!  Image courtesy Google Street View.


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