One of architect Charles Haertling’s many fascinating contributions to the city of Boulder, Colorado, is currently on the market allowing a peek inside this interesting house. Known for their frequent mix of modernism and organic architecture, his designs are highly memorable and frequently reflect the influence of both Frank Lloyd Wright and Bruce Goff. The Johnson house appears to be similarly inspired.

Unlike many other houses by Haertling, the Johnson house appears to have survived virtually unchanged since its construction in 1976. The following real estate listing photographs do not do the house justice, but still convey the unique character of it. Let’s take a look!

A carport shades the entry. Photo source:

Nice setting! Photo source:

The rear is more open to soak up the mountain views. Photo source:

Rear deck… Photo source:

…and from above. Photo source:

Entry. Photo source:

A portion of the living room… Photo source:

…and from a slightly different perspective. Photo source:

The wood walls appear to have aged well. Photo source:

Kitchen from dining room. Photo source:

Looking into the dining and living rooms from the kitchen. Photo source:

This photo helps to clarify the relationship of the spaces. Photo source:
This space, above the dining room and kitchen, is partly open to the living room below.

The room has a fireplace at the other end with a small tiled nook beyond… for firewood, perhaps?

The whole house seems rather Goffesque, only less theatrical. These small windows are especially fun.
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