Recently I found this house pictured in a display of old photographs which had been reproduced for a fascinating display of local history at the Fick Fossil and History Museum in Oakley, Kansas (definitely worth a visit when traveling on I-70!).  The house looked vaguely familiar; it’s unusual front gable had stuck in my mind… perhaps a Radford or Hodgson design?  I found the answer the next day in the 1909 edition of Radford’s Modern Homes… it may have been offered with a different name or number at other times or by other plan suppliers, but in 1909 it was marketed by Radford as Design No. 1508.  Fortunately the museum display included the address of the house which still stands


Design No. 1508 as offered by the Radford Architectural Company in 1909. Image courtesy of


This is the photo I saw in the museum… the image appears to have been taken at some time prior to 1950.  The house varies some what from the Radford plan in details, but is clearly the same design.  Photo courtesy of the Fick Fossil and History Museum.


Here is how the house appears today. The original ornamental ridge cap survives!


Wider replacement siding and a different color scheme are among the few changes made to the exterior of the house since it was built.

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