Each house or building in the following six photos has at least one thing wrong with it — from the viewpoint of architectural or physical integrity, that is! Some are quite obvious while others are a bit more subtle; some will have multiple offenses while others may have only one. You will likely be able to come up with a few grievances which I’ve missed!

Following the photos is a list of the thirteen “issues” I have attributed to these structure… you can award yourself one point for each flaw identified, and that includes flaws which I’ve overlooked. These points do not convert to any type of cryptocurrency and are, in fact, utterly worthless.

So, let’s scroll down and start looking for flaws of architectural or physical integrity!

Number One.

Number Two.
Please ignore the rear additions — we’ll just focus on the original, front, part of the house.

Number Three.

Number Four.

Number Five.

Number Six.


The conflicting messages on this door were found at what retail establishment?

Ok; have you tallied up your score? Scroll down to compare with the list I came up with…

Number One

  1. Sloppily enclosed side porch.
  2. The vinyl replacement window at left is more narrow than the original and required visually abrasive infill.
  3. “Colonial” six-panel door at odds with the Craftsman style.

Number Two

4. Craftsman style porch added to 1880’s vernacular house.

5. Repurposed (and shortened) round posts used instead of beefy square posts.

6. Square windows in front are 3-paned Craftsman style sashes – originals were likely 2- or 4-paned.

Number Three

7. A Craftsman bungalow from the 1910’s had been wrapped in a veneer of brick and stone in an effort to turn it into a 1950’s ranch house.

Number Four

8. Synthetic stucco — also known as Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems or EIFS — is delaminating from the soffits.

Number Five

9. Enclosed porch (badly enclosed).

10. Vinyl siding.

11. Fake shutters are too tall.

12. Pork chop soffits were added.

Number Six

13. The “masonry” porch piers of this newly constructed Neo-Craftsman office building are clearly fake — the corners are of wood!

Bonus Photo:

I took this photo at a Wal-Mart.

So, this concludes our pop quiz… how did you fare? Did you find any atrocities which I failed to mention? Please share them in a comment!

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