Taking advantage of a sloping lot, the builder of a c. 1920 bungalow achieved 3 goals simultaneously with concrete block:

  1.  A garage
  2.  A retaining wall
  3.  A level lot

There is a door at the back of the garage which opens to the adjacent sidewalk.  A set of steps leads to the house above.


Corners extend beyond the top of the wall and anchor fencing.  The corner above the garage door has been rebuilt with smooth-faced block.


A handrail is anchored to the steepest grade.  Further down the street, a neighbor’s yard is also framed with concrete block, but the wall’s mortar joints are aligned with the grade rather than being leveled.


Two more images at Montana’s request which have been enlarged.  I should have tried to get some photos of the house itself, but didn’t feel like trespassing:


Here you can see that the house is wrapped in vinyl siding except for the enclosed porch. The original narrow clapboards can be seen in the gable there.


A better view of the window. Blue painter’s tape, quite similar in color to the trim paint, remains from the last effort at painting. I’m not sure what to think about that center vent… original or not? It doesn’t really look original, but almost too tidy for an alteration. The porch enclosure itself leaves questions as well…



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