Here are a few interesting church buildings from the mid-20th century which have not been completely altered beyond recognition.  They’re rather tame for many locations, but here in flyover country they undoubtedly pushed the envelope when first built.


It’s all about angularity and horizontality!


This angular facade looks like it might take flight at any moment!


Here’s the same building from the side…


Transluscent panels below the main roof must surely be impressive from the interior.


This wing is attached to the church building shown above. Bricks of various hues place emphasis on the glass block cross centered in the wall.


I love this bell tower… it’s just fun!


This A-frame church sports a rather blocky educational wing. An old bell (presumably from an earlier church building) sits atop a minimalist bell tower.  Photo courtesy Google Street View.


Detail of masonry on the building above… the stair-stepping effect echoes the actual staircase behind the glass.


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