At first glance, this house appears to be a rather ordinary Craftsman style bungalow (aside from the 1960’s iron porch supports, vinyl siding and plastic shutters, that is).  However, appearances can be deceiving.  This “bungalow” is actually an addition to  a much older house.   The older house, also wrapped in vinyl, appears to be a Folk Victorian dating to sometime around 1890, give or take a few years.  The older house was set back further from the street than its younger neighbors.  The fact made it possible for an update in the 1910’s or 1920’s which brought the front of the house in line with those around it.


Viewed head-on, it is not apparent that this house is concealing a Victorian-era history.


The two-story rear section of the house clearly dates to the 19th century.  The round window in the gable, the squat window below the eave, and the wide frieze board suggest a construction date sometime around 1890.  The original house likely had a symmetrical  facade with a front porch.



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