Currently listed on Zillow yet scheduled to be auctioned on May 12, 2023, the twelve-sided Adams house in Vinita, Oklahoma, remains surprisingly intact thanks to the fact that it has been in the same family for the past 56 years. Vinita judge John Quincy Adams commissioned Goff to design the house in 1961 and construction was completed in 1962. The house has been owned by only two families. While the house has had some minor alterations over the years, the bulk of them are cosmetic in nature and reversible. Words really don’t do justice to a house like this, so let’s just dive in and drool at the images. All photos are sourced from unless noted otherwise.

A carport defines the entry of the house.

From above, the house reveals itself to be a dodecagon.

The floor plan will help you to navigate the photos of the interior.

The geometry of the house subtly extends into the landscape.

Fun details!

The entry door is unusual not only for its diamond-shaped glass but for the fact that it swings outward rather than into the house! The recessed entry feels a bit snug but…

a feeling of spaciousness quickly relieves that first impression!

Goff’s signature conversation pit, complete with skylight pierced by the flue of an open fireplace, is at the center of the house. A living area is to the left, the entry is at center beyond the chimney and the dining room is at right. Image source:

The dining room. Image source:

Low walls beyond the conversation pit screen the bedrooms.

View from the “Rec. Room” between the kitchen and bedrooms.

Substantially intact kitchen!

The kitchen as viewed from the “Rec. Room”. Image source:

This peninsula serves both rooms.

The low walls of the bedrooms are capped by accordian-syle privacy screens.

A view of the magnificent ceiling from above one of the bedroom’s built-in storage units.

I’m guessing this is in one of the bathrooms… Image source:

More built-ins.

Just wow. Image source:

Check out this very short (46 second) video on youtube:

If you’ve never seen “We Don’t Like Your House Either!”, a documentary about Bruce Goff, it is well worth watching:

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