A veritable time capsule, this brick ranch house has somehow managed to resist many of the modern incursions which erode the architectural integrity of most mid-century houses.  It recently caught my eye on zillow.com where more images are available.  Recently foreclosed upon, the house is currently on the market in Salina, a central Kansas hub with a population of about 48,000.  Let’s take a peek at it…


The relatively austere exterior does not excite the imagination, but it is deliciously authentic.


From a design perspective, the rear of the house is much more interesting than what one sees from the street.


The front door is at left, partially open. A small planter defines the entry. Clerestory windows in the living room – along with an elevated ceiling height – make the space seem larger than it is. The built-ins and brick look virtually new!


The living room’s brick fireplace wall extends into the dining area and kitchen, visually connecting all three spaces.  A built-in oven can barely be seen at the extreme right.


The bedroom corridor is lined with storage yet is light-filled.


The entry planter and a bullet sconce are at right; a coat closet is convenient to the entry, as is the kitchen.


The aqua range hood tells us the likely color of the original appliances! Square recessed fixtures appear to be partially disassembled.


Large windows provide ample light and a view of the street from the kitchen. A conical downlight can illuminate the room-defining peninsula.


There is a lot going on in this brick wall: Fireplace, log storage, built-in buffet and wall oven.


The ceiling has recently been replaced; there is no trace of the recessed square fixture that I would expect.  The tile floor appears to be original.


A typical bedroom. One of the boxy valances is missing, as are the frames and glass for the recessed lighting.


A vintage bath which is delightfully intact; only the toilet and wallpaper appear to be non-original. The cabinet pulls are sleek, modern, and identical to those in the kitchen. The ribbed glass divider is pure mid-century joy!


The original pink tub, too! The mint green one-inch square tile is beautiful and in excellent condition.


A similar bathroom in pink – this one with a shower stall. The one-piece toilet is of superior design.


The garage door appears to be a recent replacement – I wonder what the original looked like? Isn’t it amazing how small the house looks outside and how big it looks inside?


Yes, the drawers are missing, but I still want it. I hope someone doesn’t destroy this house with an HGTV-inspired makeover – it needs to be loved and appreciated for what it is,not tortured into resembling a passing trend!

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