While not exactly a house, this 1970’s domed structure could easily be one.  It certainly has potential!  This popped up today on Zillow and got my immediate attention.  I became intrigued as I looked at the images – all are from zillow.com:


First impression:  Igloo, but in a good way.


Oooh!  Now I’m really liking it…


At first I took the textured concrete dome wall for carpeting!


The kitchen…


…I’d put in a garden outside these doors.


Spacious rooms!


I am mad about the three skylights with the globe pendant light hanging from the center… very nice!  I’m going to guess that there were once two more globe pendants where the ceiling fans are now.


More globe pendant lights!


Cozy bedroom!


Interesting hallway with a view to a skylight beyond,


Strictly utilitarian!


The entry.  The globe lights are so period-perfect – as is the wood cladding arching around the windows and doors.


Presumably this is the North side.


Information in case you are looking for a really fun project… the price certainly seems fair!



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