Modern design – as expressed in the mid-20th century – was never enthusiastically embraced in flyover country.  Much of what little was built here has since been altered or destroyed.  However, there are a few examples here and there which have managed to survive.  The following two examples are still fun – and still functional!  Both retain a high degree of original architectural integrity:


The joys of motoring in the last century are recalled at a rest area in St. Francis, Kansas. Note the stack bond brick coursing and concrete roof… very 60’s!


Even a lowly bench expresses the playful optimism of mid-century design; the aqua paint amplifies the look.


The wood grain of the original formwork may still be seen in fascia of the the cast concrete roof.


The interior is similarly striking!


The city hall of Wray, Colorado, breaks the mold with its round (multi-faceted) form.


The beams are made of 2×6’s horizontally laminated together.  A fresh coat of the original paint color would really help to revive their mid-century appeal!


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