The tile work enlivening the entry of a telephone company office built in the 1960’s is just as energetic now as it was then… and right back in style, too!


A black field of 1″ square mosaic tile, peppered with red and white, sets a casual tone.  The aluminum handrail, windows, lamp bases, etc., are also period-perfect! 


Once fitted with a pay telephone, this empty niche acknowledges the slow but sure phasing-out of the landline.  The envelope dispenser and payment slot also recall a more human-paced era.


The projecting tile-clad block makes a feature out of the merely utilitarian functions.


I was able to get a photo of the vestibule by putting my camera’s lens to the glass.  I love the cove tiles which allow the wall to flow into the floor.  Also note the globe light fixture and louvered ceiling grille.  Fun!




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