Five random structures with something goofy about them:


When merging adjacent commercial buildings to facilitate one business, an attempt was made for each to retain its own identity. However, the installation of unifying replacement windows with fake muntins and historically implausible “pane” sizes undermines the effort.


Ductwork has rather callously intruded upon what had been a pair of casement windows.  The ductwork is adjacent to a small addition housing an elevator entrance.


Cast iron porch supports have been repurposed as some kind of window decoration and are at odds with the modernistic glass block.


Once a modest Craftsman style bungalow, this house has recently been transformed into a veritable display for Home “Improvement” store offerings. The right hand side of the porch has become a de facto billboard.


Where to start? Mismatched siding? Oddly proportioned balustrade perched on sloping roof? Diamond thing usurping former window location? Oval door from Big Box store? Octagon garage vent from Big Box store? Upside-down porch lighting? Vinyl replacement windows? Raised roofline in back? Etc.


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