This morning I went to a consignment auction which had a few items of architectural / aesthetic interest.  With 8 rings selling simultaneously, and something of interest in each one, it was hard to be in the right place at the right time for the purpose of bidding.  Mostly it was a fun way to look at interesting stuff and I went home with a few treasures, too!  Here are a few highlights of the sale:




Salvaged doors and window sash await a new home.


A Plea to Humanity: Please don’t take formerly useful and attractive old door hardware, mis-match the pieces, paint them and then attach the ensemble to some chunk of wood with a “decorative” finish and try to pass it off as artistic. It isn’t. No one wants this kind of “decor” – that’s why it ends up at a consignment sale!


The only Mid-Century Modern dog house I’ve ever seen. It’s newly made, and covered in vinyl, but I really like it!


Vintage 1960’s aluminum screen door grilles – new old stock!


“Fiesta” M-2550-30 ceiling light fixture by Moe c. 1967.  It’s one of the very few items I bought.


This stack of trusses was intended to form the roof a 20′ x 50′ structure.


Kitchen base cabinets with sink c. 1955 with triple window unit c. 2000.


Iron fence sections.



Vending machine c. 1970.


Hanging kerosene lamp c. 1890 converted to electric.



Beauty parlor hair dryers c. 1965 and 1975.



I photographed this door because of the lace curtain pattern which is “frosted” on the glass. I had never seen this type of pattern before until yesterday when perusing the Adams & Kelly 1908-1909 millwork catalog which an alert reader linked to in a comment. Thanks, Seth!  The photo below shows the catalog page:


Page 97 of the Adams & Kelly 1908 – 1909 millwork catalog. The door in the catalog is fancier, but the lace curtain glazing is very similar to that of the door in the auction.  The catalog is courtesy of the fantastic Internet Archive.


That was fun… we’ll do it again next year!





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