This past weekend I attended an annual consignment auction hosted by the Lions Clubs. As usual, there were a few things of architectural or design interest. I didn’t buy anything this year because the few things I wanted to bid on were not going to be offered until late in the day and I couldn’t stick around. But I did take some photos of a few things that caught my eye…

A trailer full of early twentieth-century church pews.

The “Fireside”, a 1930’s stove produced by the Quincy Stove Manufacturing Company which resembles a fireplace…
Detail of manufacturer’s ID plate and fake brick finish.

A leaded glass window c. 1915.

Miscellaneous door hardware…

The most interesting piece was this crank door bell with beautiful cast brass handle. I know; I should have waited around but I probably would have been outbid on it anyway. Prices were going high!

The bell itself is of cast iron.

This dollhouse, circa 1950’s, is joined by an older garage (1930’s?), a grain silo and a barn.

A narrow four-panel door hides behind a metal footboard.

A handsome antique barn vent complete with weathervane featuring a galloping horse.

Deteriorating four-paned window sash. The only remaining pane of glass is held in by large nails! These probably came out of an abandoned outbuilding somewhere.

Three 1970’s vintage pay telephones.

Brown sofa, circa 1960. These seemed to be a popular item to get rid of this year as there were two more very similar items:

A sectional!

The third option.

Last, but not least, a box containing a vintage Lava Lamp and small 1950’s desk lamp with fiberglass shade. That’s it until next year!

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