This house captured my attention for several reasons.  First, it bears a striking resemblance (in reverse) to the Aladdin “Plaza” and Harris Homes’ plan No. N-1026.  Secondly, its elaborate mortise-and-tenon porch supports are both fun and chamfered.  The balustrade is similarly playful (cut-outs alternate between circle and diamond shapes).  Lastly, the house outwardly appears to retain a great deal of original integrity (though what was once likely a more colorful house originally is now essentially white).  Does anyone recognize this house or have a guess as to its origins?


The porch balustrade has a Swiss chalet vibe to it. The windows at left look better in white than those which are picked out in brown.  The color change visually separates the windows from the continuous header.


The roofline bears a striking resemblance to that of the  Plaza and N-1026.


A portion of the rear elevation may be seen here.


Originally all exterior casing would have been treated in the same color. Because the wide band of trim above the windows is continuous around the house, someone went to great lengths to fake a smaller header in brown paint above the windows. Such a technique is easily reversible with paint, but visually the once strong Craftsman character is muted (as was no doubt the intent).


There is so much to love about this house (the shaped brackets, the vertical gable siding, the fantastic columns fashioned out of four chamfered posts, the battered porch piers and the novel balustrade, to name a few)!


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