Last weekend I ventured across Highway 36 in Kansas for the state’s 11th annual “Treasure Hunt”, a state-long flea market.  I was hoping to get lots of interesting photos of architecture along the way, but few opportunities were to be found.  I did, however, capture the following images which struck me as noteworthy at the time.  I will be taking my camera out for another adventure soon.

First, here are three nondescript buildings which perfectly capture much of the built environment found in the north-central part of Kansas:

It is interesting that the same window has been broken in each door (but that’s not why I took the photo).


Lots of faded metal buildings populate the small towns in this region.


Strictly utilitarian.


Here are a few other highlights which were spotted along the drive:


Of course I stopped at this sale… I even bought a wonderful old book for 50 cents!


I pondered over the chairs, but didn’t have enough room left in the truck (and frankly, despite their retro looks, these chairs were not comfy to sit in).


I swooned a little bit when I saw this funky ranch house in surprisingly original condition.


I did not swoon when I saw this former Craftsman style bungalow posing as a log cabin.


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