Despite the handsome Queene Anne window sash depicted, this post is not about windows.  I just wanted to let everyone know that my internet access will be sporadic over the next few weeks as I am finally able to get an ISP for the new house (finding a reliable provider in the middle of nowhere was more challenging than I had expected).  This involves setting up poles and stringing cable, etc.

So… if I’m not able to post much in the coming weeks, it isn’t that I don’t want to; it’s because I’m not able to.  Thanks for your continued participation… please bear with me as I continue to transition to the new house!  -Eric


P.S.  Here’s a nice window which was sloppily painted on the exterior at some point:


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  1. That is a nice window, but could use some TLC. As I’m sure Ross can attest to, those divided-lite windows take a lot more time to go through, though! Our last house had 3-over-1 double-hungs, and our new house has 2/3/4-over-1 (depending on width). They will be easy compared to the tiny ones like this, though!

    • These are definitely some of the smallest panes I’ve ever seen in a wood sash! I’m guessing the painter just slathered paint everywhere out of sheer frustration which I can understand. If the putty was going bad, the paint may actually be providing some reinforcement for the putty!

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