In an interesting experiment, a decrepit barn is getting an unusual update.  It was desired to immediately utilize the building as a workshop and storage, but the numerous holes, cracks, and missing chunks of wood siding made it drafty and vulnerable to moisture.  However, the numerous perforations created an interesting effect and character from the interior which was seen as evocative of age and aesthetically pleasing.

What to do?

A solution was found in the form of corrugated clear plastic panels – frequently used for greenhouses, patios, etc.  The plastic will make the barn less vulnerable to weather while simultaneously preserving the attractive appearance of the weathered wood siding.

The siding will add a sheen to the building which is sometimes pronounced and other times barely perceptible depending on the weather.

Below are some images of the beginning of the installation; this follow-up post shows the completed installation.


The North side of the barn as the project begins. It is hoped that the corrugated plastic will “freeze” the weather-beaten appearance in time… at least for a while.


The effect of daylight filtering through the decrepit siding will be retained with the transparent siding – while the wind and rain and snow will be blocked.


Work begins on the South side of the barn. A few former doorways were framed with studs to give structure to the siding – while simultaneously turning them into “windows”.


In order to thwart mice, etc., the siding is being buried several inches into the ground. More soil will be added around the finished installation.


A panel is fitted into a former doorway.


The plastic offers an interesting glimpse of the barn’s construction… here a virtual sectional view of the concrete slab may be seen, along with a decades-old nipple from a calf suckle bottle beneath the slab!


The interior of the barn is slowly developing a new character…


UPDATE!!!   The finished result may be seen HERE.





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