Subtle Changes

The following two photos show how very subtle changes to the exterior of a house result in larger perceptual changes.

In the first photo, a 1960’s-vintage ranch house is shown in near original, though slightly worn, condition.

The second photo shows the house in mid-transformation.  The alterations, though subtle, have taken years off the perceived age of the house.


This fifty-year-old house is starting to look a little tired. Image courtesy Google Street View.



The following alterations have subtly changed the perceived character of the house: Simplified boxed eave returns, removal of terraced sidewalk and railing, some replacement windows, new wrap on eaves and trim to match color of replacement windows, replacement front door, and a darker roof.
Presumably remaining white areas will be wrapped, covered in siding, or painted. A new lawn appears to be in the works as well. I predict the small light fixture over the three garage windows will disappear.  Removal of the color white from this exterior is perhaps the most visually effective change.





2 Responses to Subtle Changes

  1. I wonder if the windows were originally white, or perhaps a less-contrasting color? I have seen a number of postwar brick ranch houses with trim painted brown, or a peach color (especially with sandstone). I agree that the darker window sashes and trim are an improvement.

    Here’s an example from our old neighborhood (sadly, one of the original bathrooms has been Home-Depoted, as it was original in the previous listing a year ago).

    • Wow! I love the house on Park Avenue! The Jetsonesque lighting is priceless. I’m amazed that the owner kept the original kitchen cabinets when installing a granite top… if only all homeowners were that thoughtful! That kind of sensitivity is not apparent in the Home-Depoted bathroom, sadly. That’s an unusual type of house for that part of town. I spent a lot of time in the 30th & Pacific area while in high school and the overall vibe was more 1890’s than 1950’s. You’re undoubtedly right… the original trim color on the house in this post was probably not white. I don’t generally like alterations of any kind, but in this case there was nothing really special or noteworthy about the house.

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