The following two photos show how very subtle changes to the exterior of a house result in larger perceptual changes.

In the first photo, a 1960’s-vintage ranch house is shown in near original, though slightly worn, condition.

The second photo shows the house in mid-transformation.  The alterations, though subtle, have taken years off the perceived age of the house.


This fifty-year-old house is starting to look a little tired. Image courtesy Google Street View.



The following alterations have subtly changed the perceived character of the house: Simplified boxed eave returns, removal of terraced sidewalk and railing, some replacement windows, new wrap on eaves and trim to match color of replacement windows, replacement front door, and a darker roof.
Presumably remaining white areas will be wrapped, covered in siding, or painted. A new lawn appears to be in the works as well. I predict the small light fixture over the three garage windows will disappear.  Removal of the color white from this exterior is perhaps the most visually effective change.





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