This 1920’s-era Commercial style building combining retail with living space above, as well as an adjacent gas station, would be easily forgettable if not for the exuberant zig-zag profile of its unusually crenellated parapet wall.  While still intact above the living quarters, the crenellation above the former gas station section has been modified in an apparent effort to “normalize” the building’s appearance.  The parapet wall there has had its crenels infilled with a smooth-faced brick which stands out starkly from the original wire-cut texture.  Three images follow:


The structure in its entirety.


A sawtooth pattern of merlons and crenels playfully enlivens an otherwise nondescript roofline over the second floor living quarters.


The parapet walls have been modified over the gas station wing of the building. While the pattern is still discernible, the striking silhouette is gone.


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