More overlooked structures and architectural details to contemplate….


Limestone and granite frame a former bank entrance dating to the 1880’s.


A delightfully Art Deco spandrel on a public building from the 1930’s.


Although it is sad that this house is being demolished, it is good to see that the materials are being carefully salvaged for re-use rather than simply being bulldozed as happens too frequently.


Patterned Queen Anne brickwork and fanciful cast iron contrast interestingly with the more sober stone facade next door.


Scars in the masonry show that the side of this building once had taller windows – two of which were projecting bays.


Even a lowly ventilation grille can be memorable when thoughtfully designed.


The long, low, look of the mid-20th century is captured by this covered walkway.


Wires, sky, and stone.


Detail of 1880’s cast iron storefront with original wood doors.


Window in alleyway.


A portion of a cast iron storefront peeks out from beneath a much later facade.




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