Random Observations – Part 10

The best way to experience “flyover country” is to drive through it.  Here are a few scenes which caught my eye this afternoon in the center of the nation:


For Sale.   Luray, Kansas.


Vacant storefront.  Waldo, Kansas.   Note the broken center posts…


I love how someone used wire to repair this broken post. It probably worked, for a while anyway.   Waldo, Kansas.


Trees growing in former storefront.  Paradise, Kansas.


Recycled fence.   Zurich, Kansas.


Safety Yellow.   Plainville, Kansas.


Cast iron entry hardware, late 19th century.   Waldo, Kansas.


Shed.  Waldo, Kansas.


Shed and grain bins.  Zurich, Kansas.


Artfully composed mid-century modern end wall, apparently unappreciated. Paradise, Kansas.


Sidewall of early 20th century storefront.  Zurich, Kansas.


Former storefront (with numerous alterations).   Natoma, Kansas.



Side wall of clay block with concrete infill and reinforcement.   Natoma, Kansas.


This is just a teaser for my next post…





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    • There is indeed a lonliness about this area. The past seems somehow closer in these places which have not changed at the same pace as the rest of the planet. The fact keeps me sane; I’m more at home in the past than the present. I’m glad you like the photos!

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