Bartlesville, Oklahoma, is fortunate to have eight houses by Bruce Goff in its vicinity; the Collins house is among them. Commissioned by Russell Collins and built in 1959, the house survives today in remarkably near-original condition. Its recent sale allowed me to grab the following images from Zillow; it is definitely a house worth studying. Let’s hope its integrity will be preserved in the future!

The carport roof extends upwards to cover the core of the house; it is reminiscent of the roof and carport at Goff’s Freeman house built in the same year. Unlike the roof of the Collins house, however, the roof of the Freeman house is a single plane.

The back of the house reveals the split-level design and anchors a mature backyard oasis.

The carport. The entry is at left.

Goff’s use of expanded mesh in the balustrade and adjacent wall is very impressive! Note how the diamond pattern changes orientation according to location; it is sometimes vertical, diagonal or horizontal.

The front door as seen from the foot of the staircase.

The staircase as seen from the dining room.

The upper living area.

Dining room and kitchen beyond.

This window wall is sheer genius. It seems like every high-end house from this era has this same kitchen range in it… they must have been really well-made!

One of the four bedrooms.

One of the two bathrooms.

What’s not to love? More photos of this amazing house can be seen on Zillow.

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