Dating to the 1970’s, this remodeling of a former Queen Anne style house into a Neo-Mediterranean showplace is strangely captivating some 40-odd-years later.

The original c. 1900 Queen Anne feautured clapboard siding and boxed eaves which were arched and shingled in the gables for interest.  At some point – possibly in the 1920’s – the clapboard siding was stuccoed over.  Decades passed.  Then, in the 1970’s, the house received a transformative makeover in the current vogue.  Brown brick – lightened with a contrasting mortar – was chosen for the new ground-level facade.  Arched openings echo the gable arches – which were intentionally downplayed with dark brown paint.  A tall chimney – also mercifully painted out in dark brown – was likely added as part of the remodeling.  One can only imagine what the interior of the newly-constructed living room must have looked like… I’m picturing red shag carpet flecked with black and a conical wood stove finished in burnt orange connected to the chimney.



The second story recedes into brown oblivion.



Decorative grilles reinforce the Neo-Mediterranean vibe.



The brick of the facade continues into the yard as a privacy wall and connects to the garage.





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