Miscellaneous Houses Styles

Just a random assortment of houses I encountered recently – each representing a different style…


This small Queen Anne house has a porch noteworthy for both its exuberant fretwork and the fact that it retains its orginal shaped wood shingles!


This modest example of the Spanish Eclectic style has simple shaped parapet walls.


This unusually elaborate example of the Neoclassical Revival style is atypical in two ways. Not only does it lack full-height columns from the first to the second story, but the columns on the second story are much taller than those of the main level.


A cozy Tudor c. 1930.


A stylish ranch house c. 1960 with a pair of pink front doors.

2 Responses to Miscellaneous Houses Styles

  1. Love the little Tudor cottage. The area of Dallas that I grew up in had wonderful Tudor cottages of the same era.

  2. Some of the most livable and character-filled neighborhoods were built in the 20’s and 30’s… most of these Tudors have aged very well. The neighborhood I grew up in had lots of these houses, too – they just get better with time!

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