Lustrons pop up when you least expect them.  I hadn’t run across any in a long time and then, BAM, two in one day!  Both have had alterations and differing levels of maintenance.  If you’re not familiar with Lustron houses, here is a bit of history on them courtesy of the Old House Web.  The following links will provide even more information about Lustrons:

A Lustron Legacy   (the story of a Lustron in Arlington, Virginia, which was moved to the Museum of Modern Art in NYC for an exhibit).  15:45

Lustron Takes Manhattan  (the story of the MOMA exhibit).  5:13

The Ohio Historical Society’s Lustron Home  (the final chapter of the Lustron’s journey after the MOMA exhibit).  4:44

And, finally, one last video which is oddly hypnotic.  It is a series of still portraits of Lustron homeowners in or outside of their Lustrons:  Lustron Stories   8:30


The “Westchester” model in blue:


Front.  The brown porch enclosure at left is a later alteration, as are the metal awnings.




Side and rear.


This is either the “Newport” or the “Meadowlark” model in gray, but I’m not sure which:


Front and side. This house has a coveted feature… a matching Lustron garage!  The original windows have been replaced, the the front and side doors are the originals.




Side mostly hidden by fence.





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