What obviously started out as a Craftsman style bungalow in the ‘teens or 1920’s now has now donned the apparel of a log cabin.  Or something meant to convey the impression of a log cabin. Rounded wood siding is presumably intended to look like logs.  The masonry porch piers survive unmolested and stand as testament to a previous aesthetic.  Triangular knee braces also survive beneath the eaves, though stripped of original paint and stained to resemble the “logs”.  The porch supports atop the masonry piers appear to have an unnecessarily complex composition; wouldn’t a real log cabin just use a tree trunk (log) to support the porch roof?  Why stack up a bunch of short “logs” and bind them with corner boards?  The massive fireplace chimney shrouded in flagstone… well, it just seems to fit with everything else.


A Craftsman bungalow trapped in the body of a “log cabin”.


Two trellises attempt to compensate for the loss of the front window.


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