Bruce Goff’s Freeman House

Built in 1959 in Joplin, Missouri, this house designed by Bruce Goff was recently on the market, allowing me to grab the following photos from the   The house, designed for L. A. Freeman, boasts an impressively intact interior.  The exterior has had easily reversible alterations made to it.   Goff’s use of glass cullet in and around the house is striking and highly memorable.

If you are not familiar with Goff’s work, here is a video made shortly before he died in 1982 which is definitely worth watching:   We Don’t Like Your House, Either!


Entry elevation.


Goff loved glass cullet, and the Freeman house is full of it!


Spire-like chimney and posts crowned with cullet.


The cullet-filled planter in the foreground frames the steps to the living room.


Fireplace with peripherally sky-lit chimney.


The split-level plan has a central stair.




How could anyone not love this place?!


Looking up toward the bedroom level.


Family room.


Another view of the living room.


The beautifully intact kitchen!


Stair to bedroom level.








This photo hanging on an interior wall shows the rear of the house as originally constructed. The fantastic screened room has been replaced by an open deck and the vertical siding – which originally had a natural finish – has been replaced with painted shingles and clapboard.


The abbreviated version of the porch as it is today.


A scene in the yard…


More cullet…


…and more.


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  1. Bruce Goff died more than 30 years ago – in poverty. He and his numerous astonishing works are all still virtually unknown. That such a visionary goes unrecognized neither reflects well on the present nor bodes well for our future.

    I recently purchased an interesting video titled “Goff in the Desert” which was produced by Heinz Emigholz, a German filmmaker. It has a sound track, but no narration or conversation; just background sounds. It is slightly surreal, but a great doucumentary of Goff’s work. I highly recommend it. Here’s a link to it on Amazon: Goff in the Desert

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