Recently I spotted two more examples of a popular mail order house by the Gordon-Van Tine Company and also marketed through Montgomery Ward.  Called the “Cabot” and “Stratford” in different years by Gordon-Van Tine and the “Mayflower” or “Mount Vernon” by Montgomery Ward, these houses can be found throughout the country, though most have been altered over the years.

First, let’s start with an illustration from Montgomery Ward c. 1930 to show what the house was supposed to look like:


A Wardway advertisement c. 1930.



After roughly 80 years, this example has seen changes including replacement windows and door, replacement porch supports and vinyl siding.


This version appears to be a knock-off by a competitor as there are subtle differences in the proportion of the porch and windows.  This house has been altered with replacement windows, replacement door with sidelights and vinyl siding.


This house retains its original integrity as built.  The plan was marketed as the “Mayflower” and “Mount Vernon” by Wardway (Montgomery Ward’s answer to Sears’ houses) and the “Cabot” and “Stratford” by Gordon-Van Tine (which supplied Montgomery Ward with their kit houses).



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