Lots has been going on at the project house; most of it not very photogenic or interesting.  But things are starting to get more interesting.  We’ll take a look at the owner’s choice of exterior paint color and peek inside the ongoing work in the kitchen…


The side porch as the project began…


The side porch after some effort by Brad the painter. The amount of prep work and priming was somewhat staggering.


The kitchen as it appeared a few months ago.


The same view but with wood paneling and 1970’s casings removed.  The ghosts of the original woodwork are clearly visible and will be replicated in a newly reconfigured doorway which will have a colonnade-like aspect to it.


This wall needed to be removed to accommodate the owner’s plan for a larger kitchen.


An interesting variety of diagonal bracing (along with a diagonal wire which appears to be tightening the wall) were revealed beneath the plaster.


Because the original builders chose to run 20 foot joists in the ceiling running East and West rather than shorter joists running North and South, a new header is called for to replace the load-bearing wall. Old lumber will be used for the new header due to its superior strength when compared to currently available new lumber.


The ceiling is temporarily braced on each side of the wall to be removed.


Once the floor above is supported on each end, Jim removes the wall and cuts the joist ends to receive a new beam. One end of the beam will rest on a newly shortened bathroom wall while the other end will rest on a new post inserted into the remaining plastered wall.


The new beam made of salvaged lumber was dropped in from a hole cut into the bathroom floor above.


Here the new beam coexists with the temporary supports.


Jim attaches joist hangers to the new beam.


The wall between the bathroom and newly-widened kitchen has moved over about 18 inches. The new bathtub is in place. The kitchen window will soon be replaced with a modern 30 degree bay window.  The ceiling will later be furred and sheetrocked to conceal scars.  Soon:  wiring and plumbing!


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