Much like porch alterations, replacement doors have the ability to change the way a house looks or is perceived. Unfortunately, most people just buy what they like and give little thought to maintaining the architectural integrity of the exterior when purchasing a new door.

In 2017 I posted about replacement doors and the mixed messages they often send. One of the houses in that post recently came on the market and and we are finally afforded insight into this particular situation.

In my post about replacement doors I described the pairing of a six-panel Colonial-style door with a Neo-Victorian door as architectural psychosis. Why? This realtor photo shows the doors a bit closer. That’s odd… they do not appear to be aligned with each other! Now we can go inside and find out what happened. Scroll down……
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Well that explains it! The hallway was made smaller to gain closet space, requiring one half of the double-door opening to become fixed. It’s not a very graceful solution, but at least there is some sort of an explanation for it. This could have been pulled off better with simpler doors of modern, and not traditional, design.

The exterior is definitely interesting… a period-appropriate color scheme could help to unite window trim and siding as was likely the original intent. Want to see inside? Trigger warning: “updates” ahead! Here’s a link if you are curious! Photo source:
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