Last weekend I happened by a J-6 house by the Harris Brothers and it occurred to me that we previously had only see the front and side of the house in period  material and contemporary photos. What does the back of one of these look like?  Will the back match the floor plan?

Here is one floor plan offered by the Harris brothers; they offered a slightly larger plan (the J-16) in addition to the “J-6 Regular” plan:


Note that the area by the back porch projects slightly on the first floor plan but not on the second floor plan.


Here is the back of a J-6 in Kansas.  While there have clearly been additions to the first floor at the back of the house, the “bump out” on the second floor may well be original though not reflected on the floor plan above.


Even more interesting than the bump-out is the profile of the distinctive turret roof. It is undeniably awkward from this perspective.  The horizontal window makes sense for the bathroom shown on the floor plan.


Here’s an additional view of the side of the house.


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