The first storage unit has now been built.  It still needs to be varnished, however.  The sliding doors are awaiting recessed round finger pulls… I am still trying to decide if I want to place the pulls in the exact center of each door or place them at opposite ends as is more conventional.   The next project will be an identical (but much longer) unit on the opposite wall.  That unit will have five sliding doors, so I am leaning toward centering the pulls on all doors.  It has been a damp and rainy week so working in the carport/workshop has had its challenges.  The good news, however, is that despite several inches of rain, the basement remained dry… the earlier waterproofing has paid off!


The smaller storage unit is flanked by the unfinished desk at left and the recently completed bookcases.


Lacking varnish, both the case and doors appear a bit lighter than they will after varnishing.


I still haven’t finished the vinyl base installation…


A peek inside.


Flashback! This is what the same corner looked like 8 months ago.





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