The “Westly”, a popular kit house by Sears, was offered throughout the ‘teens and 1920’s.  Its overtly Craftsman porch supports and balustrade make it memorable and easily recognizable.  The following Westly, built in Holdrege, Nebraska, had lost its original balustrades at some point as seen in an image from 2013, (second image below).

Earlier this year, I photographed the house.  Its porches have been restored with balustrades replicating the originals… it looks so much better now!


A period Sears catalog page depicting the Westly.


This image dated 2013 from Google Street View shows the house without its distinctive balustrades and a with pair of modern sliding glass doors in the dormer.


This is how the house appeared earlier this year!  SO much better.  Now, about those sliding glass doors…


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