In Part One I had just crammed the knotted end of the sash cord into the hole in the side of the sash.  Now the sash can go back into its jamb:


After placing the sash back in the jamb, I feed the two newly-attached replacement sash cords over the top of the pulleys on each side and let them hang.


In a comment in Part One, Seth reminded me about securing the knot. I tip the sash out a bit, put a finish nail through it and bend it over.  That’ll hold it!


Next I tie the weights onto the sash cord. I use both a knot and baling wire (rather than the interesting and original but awkward sash cord fastener) to further secure them.


No more need for a stick in the window! Now that the sash is properly counter-balanced it will stay in whatever position it is placed. Only 19 more windows to go! Fortunately, the other rooms will retain their plaster; this is the only one to be sheetrocked.


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