Design No. 1509 was a popular plan for the Radford Architectural Company of Chicago judging by the number of surviving examples I’ve seen.  The most recent I’ve found is surprisingly intact and appears to be loved by its owners.  While this one in Oakley, Kansas, was built as shown in the plan book, many others were built with the plan reversed.  Aside from a difference in porch columns, the house below is virtually identical to the 1909 catalog rendering.  Personally, I think it is one of Radford’s better designs; many are a bit awkward!


The floor plan of design No. 1509 as it appeared in the 1909 edition of Radford’s Modern Homes. Image courtesy of


The catalog illustration shows the house with square columns and a sedate balustrade.  Image courtesy of


As built, this example features more elaborate Ionic columns perched atop paneled pedestals. The balustrade is also a bit fancier in that it is comprised of turned – rather than square – balusters.


The side elevation is further elaborated with a modest gable ornament which is not seen in the catalog description nor found on the front gable.


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