This past fall I did something that I haven’t mentioned yet.  I painted the house.  I haven’t mentioned it yet because it’s not a REAL paint job – it is more of an emergency cosmetic maneuver.  The large expanse of bright white siding paired with orange concrete blocks was beginning to get on my nerves.  The fact that someone began painting the house a dusty rose (but did not finish) did not help, either.  So, just to make the place less visually chaotic, I painted it.  I painted it in an astonishingly bland manner which smacks of suburban tract housing.  Fortunately, this is NOT the final color.  The house will be a continuous work-in-progress and the final appearance will include many changes; an additional new color scheme will be just one of them.  I regret the loss of some of the quirkiness, but love the fact that the house is not so abrasive in appearance as it was previously.

It’s fine for now.  The house is now an innocuous blank slate which fades into its surroundings as opposed to clashing with everything as it had for the past 50 years.  The new color also helps to mute the numerous undesirable idiosyncrasies that infest the house.  I painted only the walls; the white trim was left alone for the time being.  I may paint it this summer or fall.  Or not.  My focus will be on the interior for the near foreseeable future.

“Before” images will precede the “After” photos…


The front before.


The front after.


Rear / side before.


Rear / side after.


Side with dilapidated carport before.


Side with carport after. The original panels were translucent fiberglass; I went with clear plastic for the replacements. I like the slightly distorted view it offers from either side.








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