The past few days have been on the chaotic side.  Moving is never fun.  I’m really tired. But this move has been a learning experience.  I have learned that I have too much stuff.  Especially too much heavy stuff.  Below are photos of the newly renovated basement as it appeared this afternoon.  Somehow, all this stuff has to fit in here and look somewhat normal.  I keep telling myself that it is not as bad as it looks; that most of this is packaging and will go away.  But still…


The boxes stacked up on the floor are all full of… books. Heavy books.


The empty boxes on the right were filled with the books I have shelved so far (not very many). All the other boxes are filled with stuff I could probably live without. I can NOT live without books.


Different perspective, same gloomy work load.


This is just the boxes…  There is still more furniture to cram into this space.  That will happen today.








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