Winter weather has not helped one bit in getting things done at the project house. Accessed by a mile-long dirt drive which turns to impassable muck when wet, the house has been getting sporadic attention lately.

Melting snow has created some ugly messes. While the road is passable when frozen, temperatures have been getting into the 30’s and even 40’s by early afternoon, making for some very short work days. Last week was so warm that no one ventured out to the site. Every time the road shows promise of maybe drying out, another storm comes along to make it wet again. Standing puddles freeze and thaw, but never seem to go away.

Still, we have been able to get in from time to time. Here’s how things stand now:

Multiple paths have been created in efforts to circumnavigate the muddiest spots en route to the house.

The new bay window has been enclosed at the base with salvaged beadboard but has yet to be enclosed at the top. Trim boards at the side windows will later add extra width to the thin metal casing of the unit. Above, a piece of the steel siding’s corner trim was pulled off by ice. Yet another thing to fix…

During the window installation, a ladder was blown over by high winds. No one was on it, but it banged up the downspout. A “holiday” in the blue paint is courtesy of the “painter” who is no longer on board. A feral cat observes me from a cable spool while Andy waits patiently for a pat on the head and a scratch between the ears.

Now that wiring has been fished in the kitchen, sheetrock installation has begun.

This chase was created in the wall by the HVAC installers to facilitate placement of one of the furnaces in the attic.

The first floor bath is getting closed in, also.

Air conditioning condenser units await installation.

There will be a TON of plaster to repair. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

New wiring is popping up everywhere!

A new partition in the upstairs bathroom is built of salvaged lumber. This is where the vanity will be anchored. The convenience of real plumbing has arrived at the site!

The new shower stall, the top part of which was partially carved from a bit of attic space.

Detail of the in-progress wall tile with “his and hers” soap/shampoo niches.

New ductwork is being fabricated between the studs of existing walls. Every room upstairs will have similar scars to repair. The attic furnace has been installed and is gloriously operational… no more freezing when working upstairs!

That’s it for now… I’ll post more about the house when there are more changes to photograph!

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