One of the most popular — and easiest — ways to “re-style” a house is through the use of paint. Countless Victorian-era houses, for example (formerly sporting multi-hued exteriors), were painted white beginning in the 1920’s in an effort to make them appear more “Colonial” and to mute their exuberant detailing.

The same is true for houses styled in the Craftsman manner — an inherently woodsy and earth-toned aesthetic. And the more recent Shed style, etc. Once these houses stray from their original and intended palette, they lose something of their inherent nature and thereafter read as compromised. Occasionally radical transitions in color can be made successfully, but those exceptions are few and far between.

But what about “modern” houses which were intended to be pure white when built? Sadly, they are just as vulnerable to changing trends and promoted fashion (or homeowners simply desirous of change) as their predecessors were.

In December of 2017 I wrote about this topic in a post entitled “The Nail that Sticks Up” and featured houses built in the International, Art Moderne and Art Deco styles–all of which had been painted white originally. Some of them still were, but others had been remodeled or simply painted differently in order to change their perceived character.

The last house in that post, a hard-to-describe house built in 1948, seems to combine both the International and Contemporary styles. Though still white at the time, the house was then for sale and I predicted that a color change was in its future due to the fact that its modernist personality was out of sync with the small farming community which surrounded it. I drive by when in the area, just to see if any changes had been made. I promised to post about it when the inevitable occurred, and that time has finally arrived!

The house as it appeared in 2017. Though the ground floor windows appear to be replacements, original wood sash with horizontal emphasis remains on the upper level.

Another “before” view from the other side…

Welcome to Casa Adobe! At least I think that’s the vibe here. The house seems to have taken on a slightly Southwestern attitude…

Note that one of the two original front door openings now sports a white vinyl window unit.

The white gutters and downspouts have taken on a new prominence with the new color scheme.
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