When renovating a house, it is always good to keep in mind that everything will take longer than you think.  It’s been a busy winter, but the last few days have been unseasonably warm so it was a great time to start ripping plywood for the bookshelves.  Once everything is cut and installed, there is still varnishing to do and edgebanding to install.  Here are a few photos of the basement’s progress:


This is the makeshift workshop set up in the carport. Ripped sheets of plywood are in the foreground. The chop saw in the background awaits these pieces.


Two of the six units. After varnishing, they will be installed on the base in the background.
Edgebanding will follow.


This is the base for the storage units which will be built after the bookshelves are completed.


This is the desk in-progress. The desk will be the future home of this blog.



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