Boxes are being unpacked as time allows.  The bookshelves are nearly full!  An acrylic swag lamp from the 1960’s now graces the Black Hole.  I had hoped to slip an antique desk into the niche, but it was about 1/8″ too wide for the opening and I’m not about to alter the desk top.  So, I will learn to embrace the quirky angularity of it.  It’s starting to grow on me…




An antique desk illuminated by an acrylic swag lamp gives purpose to the Black Hole.


Hopefully now I’ll be able to find the book I always seem to be looking for.  I’ve added vertical shelf supports to hopefully prevent any potential sagging of the shelves.  I may have to beef them up a bit in the future.


The vinatage Kik-Step rolling step stool was a lucky find … being vertically challenged, I use it a lot!




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