Many commercial buildings have (or once had) exterior stairwells or staircases.  Most need some type of enclosure.  Solutions have changed over the years; here are three different sets of stairs – each is an interesting survivor:


Sleek 60’s Aluminum


This short flight of steps is given stature with a vertical emphasis and sleek styling crafted in aluminum – c. 1960’s.


A very elegant interface between handrail and uprights.


Iron Stairwell – 2nd quarter of the 20th century


White paint makes the unusual design stand out.


Just as interesting from the other side!


A view inside.  Note the manhole cover beneath the first step!


And the underside!


70’s smoked plexiglass chic!


Smoked transparent panels with rounded aluminum frames… I miss the 70’s.


Descending to a basement level never felt so cool.



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