More houses with kit or mail-order plan origins!  Historic images are courtesy of the Internet Archive.


The “Dunham” as it appears in Gordon-VanTine’s 1931 catalog.  They also marketed the house as the “Erie”.


The “Dunham” encased in aluminum siding.  Happily, the original trellises survive at the entry.



Ready Cut Home No. 560 as seen in Gordon-Van Tine’s 1916 catalog.


GVT’s design number 560 with wood siding and exuberant bracketing.



Harris Home No. N-1026 as seen in the 1923 Harris Brothers Company catalog.


Built in reverse from the catalog illustration, this is the Harris Brother’s design number N-1026.





Radford Architectural Company design No. 511 as seen in their 1903 catalog.


Another design reversed from the plan book depiction, this is Radford’s design number 511. The rendering is signed by an architect working for the Radford Architectural Company, G. W. Ashby.








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