Some houses – especially newer ones – appear to be more garage than house.  In the early 20th century when cars were still coming of age, they were stored away in a garage at the back of the lot just as horses and carriages had been in prior decades.  Garages were understood to be secondary to the main house and far too utilitarian in nature to emphasize unduly.

Times change.  With cars now more numerous and a virtual necessity of life, their storage needs have taken on a new prominence… often aesthetically to the detriment of entire neighborhoods.  Here are a few examples picked up from real estate listings and Google Street View.


Storage units for rent or homes for sale? You decide.  Image credit: Google Street View.


Scale issues.  Image from


You never have a second chance to make a first impression.


This one I kind of like!


A two-story house attempts to peek over the garage.  Image from


House and garage are compatibly non-descript.  Image from


I know what to do! Let’s emphasize our garage doors with a bright white finish!  Image from


Gables attempt to break the monotony of a street lined with garage doors.  Image credit: Google Street View.


Whoever lives in this garage must be pretty important! The owner got Google to blur the property.  Image credit: Google Street View.


This concludes our tour… thanks for coming along!  Image from



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