…with an emphasis on the word “begin“. We’re still a long way away from being done, but the first floor is coming along nicely and plaster repair is progressing on the second floor. Let’s drop in for a bit…

Outside, the lawn needs mowing and the roses are out in force!

Inside, I’ve been priming walls in anticipation of the owner’s visit. A little primer goes a long way toward making things look tidy. The highest parts of this stairwell had not been painted since the house was built! Yup, that is bare plaster up there!

Bathed in white primer, the dining room and stairwell take on a finished appearance.

Almost all of the woodwork on the first floor has been relieved of its darkened and alligatored varnish… it will be revarnished to match its original and intended finish later this summer. The baseboards have been temporarily removed along the exterior walls in anticipation of blown-in insulation.

The granite countertops were finally delivered and installed. We now have running water, but because the sink is black I’m afraid to wash out my paint brushes in it! Instead, I take them to the bathroom upstairs.

This was the original first floor bathroom door. We had to move it closer to the window when making the room smaller. Note that the adjacent window has lost its cap molding. All caps were removed from the kitchen area when paneling was installed in the 1970’s.

Here’s the same area today. Jim found some of the cap molding in the basement, while others are being re-created with trim we salvaged out of area houses which were torn down.

One of the casing boards for the bathroom door was made from an old door jamb. Here you can see the former location of a strike plate mortised into it. Now on the back side, no one will ever be the wiser.

The bathroom window casing is all original and back in place after having been removed for insulation and drywall. It was fairly well beaten up, so I don’t really mind that the owners wanted it painted… it gave us the opportunity to hide some of the flaws.

Here the original cap moldings, now with a coat of primer on them, meet together again for the first time in over forty years.

The adjacent bathroom doorway’s casing, a combination of original, new and salvaged materials, will blend in seamlessly with some wood filler, primer, caulk and a few coats of paint.

Seen here in cross-section, the individual components of the three-part head casing are easily distinguished from each other.

View from the bathroom and into the basement stairwell (which is still a wreck needing lots of attention). In addition to casings, Jim is making lots of new plinth blocks to replace those which were missing or damaged.

In the basement, the basement door receives filler to erase many surface indignities prior to priming and painting.

On the porch, the door to the bathroom receives primer.

Upstairs, more surface preparation and primer are in progress.

I think I chose the hottest day of the year so far to insulate the attic-like closets. This one adjoins the upstairs bathroom.

Back in the kitchen, Colt sets a backsplash of glass tile.

He also tiled the downstairs bathroom floor and will do the upstairs bathroom floor as well.

It’s 5:00 on Friday!

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