I’m so used to seeing real history destroyed or covered up that it kind of shocks me when I see the reverse happen.  This stone storefront is a good example.  When I first noticed this building in Hays, Kansas, I was puzzled by the clapboard fake front (complete with fake shuttered windows) and wondered why anyone would prefer a wood front to a stone front.  Thanks to Google Street View, I just discovered that the fake facade has been removed and the true history has been revealed (second photo below).  Now if they could just get rid of the non-historic covering over the sidewalk which is pretending to be historic…


Fake facades like this give a distorted view of history.

Fake facades like this give a distorted view of history.  It’s a Drag-Queen version of history: A Hollywood version of a Western storefront tacked onto a genuine, authentic, Western storefront!


With the fake facade gone, the true proportions and scale of an historic storefront grace the street again.

With the fake facade gone, an actual – rather than contrived – bit of history can be appreciated.


MUCH better!  The cornice appears to be a bit younger than the rest of the building, but unless documentation could be found for the appearance of the original it would be a mistake to remove it.  It would not be mistake to remove the Neo-Victorian porch thing.



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