Extreme Makeover c. 1972 “Reimagined” in 2017

History does repeat itself, does it not?  This hapless house has had a hellacious history.  After being stripped of its true identity in the early 70’s and given a quasi-Colonial/Second Empire identity, this tragic structure has now been “reimagined” in a manner utterly void of any stylistic influence at all (save the few surviving remnants of the 70’s makeover).

The fake shutters and broken pediments have been removed (no big loss). The roof has been encased in metal panels and the stucco painted white.  The window casings have been picked out in gray, while the incredibly fake muntins have inexplicably been left white – thereby emphasizing their inherent fakeness.

Yeah, it looks cleaner, but it is still in drag.  Two pairs of “before and after” photos follow….


As you last remember, this former house had been turned into an architectural oxymoron and then forgotten for 40-odd years…


Imagine my surprise to drive past the place today and see that it has been “reimagined” once again (sans greenery)!


As bad as the 1970’s makeover was, I’m not convinced that the newest version is an improvement…


At least it looks cared for now…






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  1. How exciting to see it through two stages of depravity!

    I’d guess the fake muntins are in the middle of thermal-pane windows, rendering them impossible to paint. Yet another reason to hate them.

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